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«AvtoparkBaku — rent a car in Baku» was founded in 2005 and from the very beginning of its operation, Company presented itself as a reliable and professional partner in the automotive business of Azerbaijan. Starting from 2006, our Company has opened and successfully developed a car rental business in Baku and Azerbaijan. «AvtoparkBaku — rent a car in Baku» is pleased to offer its services to citizens and visitors of the country.

Variety of services, tariffs and companies related to a car rent with and without driver in Azerbaijan and Baku, and a large park of cars allow to responding the desires and tastes of customers showing good taste. To provide the service quality and warranty, we offer our customers a package of documents for vehicle management.

Сaprice Travel

Since 2010, our company not only rents cars, but also renders all tourism services. Our company specializes in booking of Leisure & Travel / Hotels, tickets / car renting, Visa, and VIP services. It offers apartment services consisting of 12 apartments in the nearest future. We cooperate with Arabic, European and Russian travel agencies.

Our company accepts group and individual tours. Along with all these, at the disposal of our company there is a hotel located in the center of the city.

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